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Sarnich Cave Suites Hotel has been the house of Cenaplar ın Kahveci Musa Ağa (Musa Maden) since the 1850s, and later his son Bayram Maden lived in this house until the end of his life.

The meaning  of our hotel is a cistern , caves carved from rocks where tons of water can be stored. There are also rock-carved grape chewing  lodges for winemaking.

The location and characteristic structure of the house is typical of Göreme (Maccan) house. The barn, haystack, raisin store, cheese burial room, apple storage , gazebo and living rooms.

The parts that were demolished in 2018 were restored and Sarnich Cave Suites was opened in 2021 with  11 guest rooms , breakfast room , one living room and large garden.

Göreme Town is located in the center of the Cappadocia region, the starting point of hot air balloon  tours,  ATV tours, horse- back riding tours and all regional daily tour activities.